What a Clustered Mess!!!

How can beginning a blog be so damn hard.

Well first off I am  thinking all the links, customization and options really through a girl off from her main goal. Damn it.!!!

So aside from all of that,( I feel like i have lost 2 hours of my day and have gotten no where) I have been contemplating putting this good old blog up for what seems like an eternity, when reality it has been around a year since i toyed with the idea of letting others be influenced and inspired from my journey.

I really want to have a few disclaimers JUST IN CASE!!  you are in fact here to Judge!!!

1- I in fact don’t know shit about nutrition  except what i have come to find on my own through my own struggles and journeys. You can choose to follow along with what i do but i am in fact however not a trained professional.

2- I am one tough cookie! And am pretty awesome. Lol Had to throw that in there

3- Above anything else my 3 children our what keep me sane and held together, I will never, ever choice anything over them ever!!

4 I know i am not super model material, so please keep your negativity to your self. I know i am over weight, stretched out and flabby. Just know one thing. I am proud of where i have been and whom I have become.

5- no body is perfect! Its what you work with that counts!

5- I am not a grammer teacher, or a literary genius  I barely made it through academic English and if wasn’t for spell check nothing on this page would be spelled right. So there!! Keep those comments to yourselves as well.