“I am Toast” well then “I am jelly”

I can not believe it has been almost 2 weeks since I posted. Good grief I need to get on this shit!!! So about my caption i must elaborate.

My hubby and I were at the gym this morning doing HIIT on the arc, we did this for 30 minutes and when i got off the machine I said ” god!! I am toast” and he responded with ” well then I am jelly” I laughed so hard I swear i was making a scene at the gym. But i don’t even care I haven’t laughed so hard in my life. 

Anyways I am so nervous for my weight in and pictures for my first month back at it:) pictures and details will be up on wednesday 🙂 Sometimes it makes my adrenaline just pulse thinking about where I have come from and how far i still have to go. 

This journey as been a very emotional one, i am not the type to really embrace change. I love routines so in order for me to change I need to break my other routines it is so hard sometimes to just break them. Make sense???

lol. nah not really that’s okay, if you know me on a personal level you would understand. 

Every morning at 4 am me and the hubby wake up to get going. ( I am so lucky he is my motivation I need) Haven’t missed a day yet!!!! YA ME

I am doing something so different now, not only am i eating clean, but i am also lifting alot of weights. Got to get toned up, i already feel better and stronger. Cant wait till the world can see my progress that i can already feel from the inside.