4:30Am and I am freezing!!!

Well this past week I am been doing fantastic!!!!


YA ME!! I have so much support through the hubby, and my oldest daughter as well as my mamma!!! All of them are on board with me. The Hubby is also waking up at 4:00 am to get my sleepy ass up ( I love me some sleep) which is such a motivation.  We end up getting to the gym at little before 5 every morning during the week.

It is really nice to have him with me when I go supporting me and encouraging me to push myself harder. I just love that man!

My only issue is this damn weather, nothing like getting yourself motivated to wake up and drive to the gym. Let alone do that while there is snow and wind blowing in your face. That was me on Monday. I thought it was spring dammit  I can not wait till summer so I can just run to the gym for my warm up and then just go straight to the lifting when i get there.

I live about 2 miles from Planet Fitness which is another reason there is no more excuses!!

I am already seeing changes and it has only been 16 days ( 3 hours 2 min and 46 seconds) I lie. LOL i got a little carried away with the exact moment but it has only been 16 days!!




One thought on “4:30Am and I am freezing!!!

  1. Keep up the good work! I just got zumba for my bday its crazy! Its kinda hard to keep up with the dance moves but as long as your moving thats all that matters. Anytime you want to hit the gym or come over to do zumba just let me know:]

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