Zumba!!!!! That shits crazy!!!

I can not believe I made it through the whole damn class( with no rhythm of course)

It was CRAZY!! Thanks to Angie and Beth for introducing me to it, might just be my new obsession, although as I was leaving I did happen to take a gander, like a lost puppy dog, into our
local gyms spinning class. It look a little intimidating with all the flashing lights and darkness. But I think I could rock that shit.

I ended up burning over 800 calories in an hour!!! Holla!! No but that’s some serious sweating. AND go figure I am the only one up in the house, I am so much energy. Thinking about making myself go to sleep.

Side note: woke up late this morning for my am workout 😦 me and the hubby are really trying to figure out how to make sleeping arrangements in our house that allow for us to get up early ( say 4:30: I know call me crazy, I told ya I was dedicated) without waking the girls, so far it’s like playing the playing chicken. Someone always wakes.up, or we are just exhausted from being parents and well adults too. Anyways I ended up squeezing I a 40 minute interval training session on the ARC, burned another 475. So if I did my math correct I burned ummm…..a little over 1200 calories today! BOOM !!!

Sooo excited to be moving forward on this journey even when I get set back. I also ate super clean today, an actually got 11 days now can’t wait to post measurements at day 30. !

I feel like I am rambling on now I will leave you with this beauty here me right before zumba!!!


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