Don’t Judge My praise!!

I sit here and am super conflicted with emotions! I can no longer allow myself to hide behind clothes and makeup and fake smiles. Do I post these pictures???

I should to show you what change can truly do for you.

I started a journey journal almost a year ago, The one thing I really wish I would of thought about was how unflattering my before pictures would look if in fact i did get to my goal. I had to chose the most relieving pieces of clothing so i could see what i had done to my body. I kept this picture with me daily, every time I wanted to give up and make excuses for myself i would look at this picture and say to myself

” You will not change if you don’t get your mind right”

I am sure everyone has gone through some sort of personal battle where your mind WINS! This time I wasn’t going to let all those deceitful thoughts creep in and take over EVER AGAIN!!! I posted these pictures to show you all how far i have come on my journey so far. I am an open book from now on. I will no longer hide!

I do in fact have cellulite, and stretch marks, and to some might not look so great, But i have come so far, don’t judge my praise, and still have so far to go. I am more determined then ever to be in the best shape of my life, not only physical but mentally and emotionally as well.

These were my motivating picture’s!!!!

This was me even after losing 26 pounds already!!  I made a vow to get healthy.WP_002019

This is after  losing 58 pounds!! Taken march 10th2013


These are a few side by side comparisons of where I started last april to what i look like as of Last week


WHAT A DIFFERENCE A LIFESTYLE CHANGE CAN AND WILL MAKE . I am here to offer support and encourage each and everyone of my followers, readers that we all can achieve greatness. !!! STAY STRONG.

I might need a Valium after pushing post but what the hell HERE IS TO A WHOLE NEW JOURNEY. Check back as often as you like I will be posting everything from what i eat to what exercises I do . Before and after pictures and everything in between. You want to take this challenge on?? Join me !! It will be great!!




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