“I am Toast” well then “I am jelly”

I can not believe it has been almost 2 weeks since I posted. Good grief I need to get on this shit!!! So about my caption i must elaborate.

My hubby and I were at the gym this morning doing HIIT on the arc, we did this for 30 minutes and when i got off the machine I said ” god!! I am toast” and he responded with ” well then I am jelly” I laughed so hard I swear i was making a scene at the gym. But i don’t even care I haven’t laughed so hard in my life. 

Anyways I am so nervous for my weight in and pictures for my first month back at it:) pictures and details will be up on wednesday 🙂 Sometimes it makes my adrenaline just pulse thinking about where I have come from and how far i still have to go. 

This journey as been a very emotional one, i am not the type to really embrace change. I love routines so in order for me to change I need to break my other routines it is so hard sometimes to just break them. Make sense???

lol. nah not really that’s okay, if you know me on a personal level you would understand. 

Every morning at 4 am me and the hubby wake up to get going. ( I am so lucky he is my motivation I need) Haven’t missed a day yet!!!! YA ME

I am doing something so different now, not only am i eating clean, but i am also lifting alot of weights. Got to get toned up, i already feel better and stronger. Cant wait till the world can see my progress that i can already feel from the inside. 


4:30Am and I am freezing!!!

Well this past week I am been doing fantastic!!!!


YA ME!! I have so much support through the hubby, and my oldest daughter as well as my mamma!!! All of them are on board with me. The Hubby is also waking up at 4:00 am to get my sleepy ass up ( I love me some sleep) which is such a motivation.  We end up getting to the gym at little before 5 every morning during the week.

It is really nice to have him with me when I go supporting me and encouraging me to push myself harder. I just love that man!

My only issue is this damn weather, nothing like getting yourself motivated to wake up and drive to the gym. Let alone do that while there is snow and wind blowing in your face. That was me on Monday. I thought it was spring dammit  I can not wait till summer so I can just run to the gym for my warm up and then just go straight to the lifting when i get there.

I live about 2 miles from Planet Fitness which is another reason there is no more excuses!!

I am already seeing changes and it has only been 16 days ( 3 hours 2 min and 46 seconds) I lie. LOL i got a little carried away with the exact moment but it has only been 16 days!!



Zumba!!!!! That shits crazy!!!

I can not believe I made it through the whole damn class( with no rhythm of course)

It was CRAZY!! Thanks to Angie and Beth for introducing me to it, might just be my new obsession, although as I was leaving I did happen to take a gander, like a lost puppy dog, into our
local gyms spinning class. It look a little intimidating with all the flashing lights and darkness. But I think I could rock that shit.

I ended up burning over 800 calories in an hour!!! Holla!! No but that’s some serious sweating. AND go figure I am the only one up in the house, I am so much energy. Thinking about making myself go to sleep.

Side note: woke up late this morning for my am workout 😦 me and the hubby are really trying to figure out how to make sleeping arrangements in our house that allow for us to get up early ( say 4:30: I know call me crazy, I told ya I was dedicated) without waking the girls, so far it’s like playing the playing chicken. Someone always wakes.up, or we are just exhausted from being parents and well adults too. Anyways I ended up squeezing I a 40 minute interval training session on the ARC, burned another 475. So if I did my math correct I burned ummm…..a little over 1200 calories today! BOOM !!!

Sooo excited to be moving forward on this journey even when I get set back. I also ate super clean today, an actually got 11 days now can’t wait to post measurements at day 30. !

I feel like I am rambling on now I will leave you with this beauty here me right before zumba!!!

What a Clustered Mess!!!

How can beginning a blog be so damn hard.

Well first off I am  thinking all the links, customization and options really through a girl off from her main goal. Damn it.!!!

So aside from all of that,( I feel like i have lost 2 hours of my day and have gotten no where) I have been contemplating putting this good old blog up for what seems like an eternity, when reality it has been around a year since i toyed with the idea of letting others be influenced and inspired from my journey.

I really want to have a few disclaimers JUST IN CASE!!  you are in fact here to Judge!!!

1- I in fact don’t know shit about nutrition  except what i have come to find on my own through my own struggles and journeys. You can choose to follow along with what i do but i am in fact however not a trained professional.

2- I am one tough cookie! And am pretty awesome. Lol Had to throw that in there

3- Above anything else my 3 children our what keep me sane and held together, I will never, ever choice anything over them ever!!

4 I know i am not super model material, so please keep your negativity to your self. I know i am over weight, stretched out and flabby. Just know one thing. I am proud of where i have been and whom I have become.

5- no body is perfect! Its what you work with that counts!

5- I am not a grammer teacher, or a literary genius  I barely made it through academic English and if wasn’t for spell check nothing on this page would be spelled right. So there!! Keep those comments to yourselves as well.